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The true origins of Project MK Ultra

The psychiatrists at the origin of Project MK Ultra are indeed former Nazis, and it is true that, as we learn from Professor Massimo Introvigne, the word "brainwashing" was born in Germany. However, it turns out that the best sources of information on the methods implemented by these Nazis come paradoxically from a group of researchers apparently in complete opposition to them, and yet who share the same approach.


In his interview, Professor Introvigne explains that "when the Nazi movement began to assert itself", a type of school of thought was formed at the University of Frankfurt, in Germany. It was full of "psychiatrists, who were all Freudians, and sociologists, who were all Marxists". This elite "were asking themselves a problem of Marxist Orthodoxy". On the one hand, it was found that Nazism was quite a "normal" phenomenon in reaction to the "socialist movement". But they also sought to understand what had driven so many workers & labourers to join the Nazi party... people who were normally noted to be on the side of Marxism. It was at this moment that "the Frankfurt School" was born..... a "collaboration of psychiatrists and sociologists, such as Theodor Adorno and Max Horkheimer on the one hand and Ernst Federn, Erik Erikson and Wilhelm Reich on the other. "This elite group tried finally to give an explanation for the Nazi phenomenon which was at the same time equally a "Freudian" phenomenon. They explained that the workers who joined Hitler's party “had been subjected to sexual repression in childhood". As far as the Frankfurt School were concerned, this sexual abuse was the key to any form of mental manipulation, and a way to program or deprogram individual people.


Meanwhile, as Introvigne points out, "all members of the Frankfurt School became American citizens, because they were all Jewish and all Socialists". Re-grouped just at the end of WWII, they would be employed by the CIA to solve the following problem: "How does one become communist?" This is how the centres run by former researchers of the Frankfurt School formed themselves. We can mention among others, Robert J. Lifton and Edgar H. Schein, that is to say, the inventors of the modern theory of mental conditioning.

Sigmund Freud Frankfurt school
Karl Marx

Sigmund Freud

Philosopher and Communist Karl Marx

totem and taboo Freud
Oedipus and the sphinx, Francois-Xavier Fabre

'Totem & Taboo' first published in 1913

'Oedipus & the Sphinx' François-Xavier Fabre c. 1806-1808

Hitchcock's 'Vertigo'
Patrick mcgoohan, 'The Prisoner'

Movie Poster for Alfred Hitchcock's 1958 film 'Vertigo'

Promotional still from the British TV series 'The Prisoner' starring Patrick McGoohan

A belief in reincarnation?


It is very likely that it's this belief in reincarnation, which led Sigmund Freud and Karl Marx, and then the Frankfurt School, to suppose that Mind Control (control of the mind), literally to mentally project into someone else's brain and infuse him with instructions and convictions, was achievable through the incest and sexual repression he is subject to. It explains, for example, why Sigmund Freud gave so much importance to Egyptian religion, which was fervently enthusiastic about reincarnation and incest, particularly through the writings of one of his flagship works, "The man Moses and monotheistic religion". In this book, published after his death in 1939, Freud went as far as to claim that Moses was actually an Egyptian, and that he was murdered by the Jewish people who were furious at being forced to convert to monotheism. In this way, they also consumed the "parricide" or killing of a close relative belonging to the "myth of Oedipus". Note that Sigmund Freud, juggling with Judaism, Christianity and Greek mythology, also seized upon the myth of Oedipus, to project upon it, not without reason it is true, his obsession with incest.


In the book "Totem and Taboo" published in 1913, which caused quite a scandal, Freud theorised about incest through the myth of Oedipus. He makes of this myth one of the pillars of modern psychoanalysis, linking this myth in which Oedipus unknowingly killed his father Laius and married his mother Jocasta, to incest and reincarnation rituals practiced in ancient Egypt. We notice indeed that the city mentioned in the myth of Oedipus is Thebes, and that the animal which pronounces the enigma is a sphinx, just like in ancient Egypt.


Regarding Karl Marx, no less can be said about his views on incest. In his book "Origins of the Family, Private Property and the State" (1884), Friedrich Engels explains his views on consanguineous parentage as a "first form of society", and gives us the ability to understand the advice of his friend Karl Marx on incest: "In a letter written in early 1882, Marx expressed in the most vocal of terms about the text of Wagner's Nibelungen which completely falsifies the primitive times." The text of the Nibelungen said: "Who has ever heard that the brother kisses his sister as if she was his bride?"

"To these gods of Wagnerian lust, who, in a very modern way, give more spice to their romance by using a hint of incest, Marx replied: "In primitive times, the sister was the wife and it was totally moral".


Some personality disorders related to MK Ultra


We have uncovered the essentials of the Frankfurt School's major research areas through its two most illustrious thinkers, Karl Marx and Sigmund Freud. We can in fact form a summary: Incest turns out to be a form of sexual repression, the main effect of which seems to bring forth multiple personalities in the patient, especially when practised in the manner of a reincarnation ritual.


This hypothesis would explain the large number of cases of MPD (multiple personality disorder) found in North America in the 1980s. This curious outbreak seems to be one of the consequences of Project MK Ultra, which subcontracted its programs to many institutions who dealt with children. According to the psychiatrists, the victims of multiple personality disorders are convinced that they pass alternately from one personality to another, without being able to control this procedure.


This all points to a form of reincarnation.


According to an article that appeared in the Slate revue, the victims of sexual abuse are "more agile and sharp in the mind, and clearly gifted in rhetoric", and generally have a higher IQ than average when compared to others not subjected to abuse. The fact remains that these subjects are clearly permeated by several personalities foreign to their own psyche.

We have certainly put our finger on the very basis of mental manipulation or mind control, because these dissociative personality disorders have been identified especially in cases of incest. Since 1994, this syndrome has been renamed "Dissociative Identity Disorder", a clinical designation much more meaningful (note 6), because no matter what anyone says (note 7), it actually takes the form of mild induced schizophrenia.

What Is Schizophrenia?


What is Schizophrenia? The definition of this psychosis is still under debate, and seems to offend some psychiatrists as soon as anyone tries to enlighten it. Indeed, it remains a mystery to many therapists, who in a total fudge, explain it as a "conflict between the "Me" and "Reality" ". If such a definition can be made, Schizophrenia should be described as follows: it stems from a dislocation between the Spirit, and the Soul which is attached to the body. The distinction between the Spirit and the Soul, a very logical and meaningful one, was familiar during the Antiquity, because already we see Homer in his day, attributing the human being with the possession of two minds, the "thymos" and the "psyche". For Homer, as well as Plato, the soul is fundamentally in opposition to the Spirit.... it does not participate in the divinity. Like a kind of "fallen angel for all time", the soul is a perpetual confession of the inconsistency of man, of the fragility of man's mortal nature, and of his sin before God. But more than that, the soul is a direct emanation of the body, a prisoner of Hades.... a dark and persistent shadow embedded in the fabric of time and space. Not immortal, but sustainable, it survives the body by constantly expressing its desire to find roots in the materiality, of being reborn in a new body.


In this very Freudian scheme of things, schizophrenia is a breakdown of the Soul, that is to say, a breakdown of the subject's outer personality. The latter can be defined as the set of acquired familiar intellectual experiences, also of experiences gathered during one’s lifetime, and equally as a concentration of similar genes unique to a family lineage.

The schizophrenic collapse of the soul is due to a leakage of the Spirit, caused by such a trauma that death seems preferable to the perception that the subject has of the outside world. It is an "anticipation of death", a religious process similar to the myth of Orpheus, the hoped for outcome being either "Redemption" (the "resurrection" in a static and divine world typical of Biblical teaching) or reincarnation. We must add here that reincarnation is located in a specifically incestuous logic: the banned sexual act is supposed to replace the Spirit, which is the Thymos, with a second soul, which is the one of the incestuous relative. Adding itself to the first, this second soul has a greater persistence after death as a result of "intellectual inbreeding". The Soul that issues after this "coupling" tries to survive death, just as in Freud's reflections on the myth of Narcissus, or in the image of Eurydice in the myth of Orpheus, but it is "inconsistent", "incestuous" and arguably in love with itself (see Freud's comments on Narcissus) and enters into a self-destructive process that results in a failure; a second death, (read the Myth of Orpheus).


Revelations in Anglo-Saxon Films


We now better understand the frequent portrayal of schizophrenia in Anglo-Saxon cinema, where characters have popularised the dissociative personality disorders, and often attribute the origins of this phenomena to traumatic experiences during childhood. Amongst other examples, we have "Suddenly, Last Summer", by Joseph Mankiewicz, based on a play by Tennessee Williams, and the series "The Prisoner", starring Patrick McGoohan. This TV series is a more than blatant denouncement of Project MK Ultra, and sets out in episode 5, entitled "The Schizoid Man", the usefulness of induced schizophrenia in the methods of mind control. In the second episode entitled "The Chimes of Big Ben", we find Patrick McGoohan in deep conversation with the head of the village N°2, exposing what looks like a program of political subversion and worldwide sectarianism: "an International Community – perfect blueprint for world order. When the sides facing each other (note 8) suddenly realise that they're looking into a mirror, they will see that "this" is the pattern for the future."

Other films in the same vein that come to mind include "Psycho" by Alfred Hitchcock, which deals with the incestuous relationship between Norman Bates and his mother as well as with the Oedipus complex. Hitchcock will also go on to explore the Myth of Orpheus in his classic film "Vertigo" (classed as one of the best ten films of all time), the basis of the plot being taken from a novel by Boileau and Narcejac, entitled "The Living and the Dead" (Note 9).


Tennessee Williams would follow the same path with his "Descent of Orpheus," which was adapted for film under the title "The Man with a snake skin" (also known as “The Fugitive Kind”, with Marlon Brando starring as “Snakeskin”). As for French films, they distinguish themselves in the personnage of Jean Cocteau and his famous "Orpheus", it couldn't possibly escape anyone's attention that this film deals with schizophrenia. Without a doubt, Marie Bonaparte, one of the earliest French followers of Freud and who was a friend of Jean Cocteau's, exercised a great influence on this director's work. Among other pieces, Cocteau wrote Oedipus Rex, where the incestuous nature of the characters is particularly highlighted. Unusually, Freud went so far as to psychoanalyse Cocteau's first film in 1930, "The Blood of a Poet" (footnote 10). Freud clearly shows the relationship between the theories of the Frankfurt School and the themes relating to incest and schizophrenia developed by a limited but nevertheless well-known circle of filmmakers.

The research of Dr. Michael Persinger


In the same vein as Project MK Ultra and the research being discreetly conducted on schizophrenia, we can cite the work of Dr. Michael Persinger of Laurentian University (state of Ontario, Canada). This psychologist and neuroscientist has conducted research on the effects of electromagnetic radiation on the brain, as part of a Pentagon weapons project. With an experience of nearly forty years in this field, his research has received financial support from the U.S. Navy and from a certain famous intelligence agency.

In an interview he gave during a documentary entitled "Project Monarch-Chapter 10A : MK Ultra Scientist", which was included in the DVD series "Mind Control" made by Marshall G. Thomas, Dr. Persinger said that there is a possibility to access "directly to all human brains using electromagnetic induction through fundamental algorithms."


In another documentary entitled "A Question of Miracles" (footnote 11), he precisely states the nature of his research, and indicates that it is now possible to reproduce "all the aspects of the experience of God, every essential element, each of its components, from the sensation of ascension and the feeling of ecstasy, through to sensing a palpable presence, and even the feeling that you have become one with the Universe, can all be reproduced by us now in laboratory experiments". He adds that by stimulating certain parts of the brain including the temporal lobes and the limbic system with complex magnetic fields, one can easily reproduce a near death experience (NDE). The patient of a doctor who was subjected to such an experience reported that at first it's like "a sudden wave of darkness ... and then.... there is a light, a distant and violent light." As summarised by Dr. Persinger, all subjects emerged from the sound insulated room that was being used in the experiments "with the deep feeling that something profound and significant had taken place." They heard voices, they saw faces... as if in a dream but at the same time being awake.

Dr. Persinger summed up his work: "What we found is that individuals who exhibit a particular sensitivity of the temporal lobes, also called "creativity" and who were very religious, feel a presence, which they defined, as God."

The theories of Karl Marx and Sigmund Freud


We have here the origin of the research protocol, which makes the effectiveness of mental manipulation/mind control depend on various forms of sexual repression, including one which really grabs our attention.


Two characters will be at the heart of our future developments: Karl Marx and Sigmund Freud, both of Jewish origin, but both in complete opposition to the teachings of Judaism. Marx and Freud, as we have seen, are the source of the theories that underpinned the Frankfurt School. However, through reading their work, there blatantly appears a fascination for incest. This is all the more strange because Judaism, especially the Mosaic Law (note 5), condemns incest in the strongest possible terms, and calls it a "crime" (Leviticus 18:17). Note that in the Talmud, incest is castigated in the same way as idolatry and murder. Moreover, for Claude Levi-Strauss, the taboo of incest is the corner stone of human society. That's to say that Judaism perceived, through this sexual practice, an immediate danger to society, a crime against the spirit, a true Deicide.

In our Western societies which are imbued with Judaism, incest is often considered a crime and on this subject psychiatrists talk about real "psychic murder." The assimilation of incest with idolatry and murder, by the Bible, connects in a certain way this sexual practice with paganism and idolatrous cultic rituals relating to reincarnation. In Leviticus 18:10, the prohibition of incest is justified in these terms: the union between close relatives is forbidden "'The nakedness of your son's daughter or your daughter's daughter, their nakedness you shall not uncover; for their nakedness is yours...” In other words, incest is a conscious and destructive desire to mate with one’s self...using a close relative who possesses similar genes, to enable the projection of one's "soul", one's inner self, by the means of a consanguineous blood-relative union. This body is instrumentally a support virtually identical to our own, a close relative into which our own personality can be injected, and so extend our Ego from generation to generation according to a method that cannot be called anything other than reincarnation. Various justifications prohibiting incest are promoted in the Bible, having no other possible interpretation than that which we have stated earlier: "For it is your own nudity"....."it is the flesh of your father" (meaning, it's your own flesh)...."it is the flesh of your mother", etc.

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