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Project MK Ultra: or the search for the absolute psychiatric weapon

Some revelations about the project MK Ultra:


Lurking in the shadows since its inception in the 1950s, project MK ULTRA would be brought to the public's attention following the unfortunate deaths that occurred during the course of the experiments. The scandal broke out in the 1970s, when several victims of these experiments and their relatives brought prosecutions against their torturers. The New York Times decided to reveal that several decades before, the CIA had established a program of Mind Control conditioning which was being used illegally on human subjects, often without their consent. Public opinion was strongly stirred and two committees of inquiry: the "Church" Committee of the U.S. Congress and the President's "Rockefeller" Commission, were set up to investigate the matter. During 1975, the hearings of the Congress officialised the existence of Project MK Ultra and indicated that human subjects, some of whom had died, had been subjected to mind control experiments using psychotropic drugs, electric shock treatment and diverse psychiatric techniques. The MK Ultra program covered a broad spectrum of studies on mind control and by 1955 its principal objectives were to "provoke illogical reasoning" in some subjects, in order to "discredit them in public", to facilitate hypnosis, to deepen the methods of brainwashing and to alter the mental personality of a particular individual, etc.


First headed by Dr. Sidney Gottlieb and developed by the then CIA director Allen Dulles in 1953, the program quickly found its limitations when faced with tough U.S. laws which were far too rigid for their needs. So, because of this Dr. Gottlieb decided to implement some of the research in Canada by funding a psychiatrist named Dr. Donald Ewen Cameron who was later to go on to became the president of the World Psychiatric Association and president of the Association of Canadian-American Psychiatrists. The most sensitive experiments were therefore conducted in Canada, and as Dr. Cameron explained in an article in the "American Journal of Psychiatry", by using electrical shock treatment, they were able to erase the memory of the subject whereby an individual was plunged into a coma, then they rebuilt the memory by subjecting the patient to recordings of noise or repetitive phrases for several months. There was evidently a certain sadism in all this, and today several subjects still suffer from irreversible physical and mental trauma.


Unfortunately the vast majority of the MK Ultra experimental results, including the research guidelines/protocols that were implemented, have never been made known to the public, and a thick veil still covers most of the program. As early as 1972, Richard Helms the CIA director, had destroyed a large part of the records of 150 sub-research projects, particularly those involving children. In fact, the information we have about the actual scope of experiments, the major research axes and their applications, is minimal. At this stage in our investigation, we need to retain only four sub-projects (that of; 102, 103, 112, and 117) whose experimental subjects were children....children provided mainly by the International Children's Summer Camp,  and that the typical profile of these young subjects included being naturally anxious patients, either suffering from depression, or who had experienced sexual abuse during childhood (source: August 3rd 1977, Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and Committee on Human Resources ).


The cover-up of the Franklin affair:   Child Abuse, Satanism, and Murder in Nebraska


Much later, in 1992, there appeared a book entitled "The Franklin Cover-Up, Child Abuse, Satanism, and Murder in Nebraska”. The author is a former Nebraska Senator, John W. DeCamp, who devotes chapter 21 of his book to the Monarch Project (the other name of Project MK Ultra).

To summarise, the Franklin case is a series of accusations and lawsuits relating to allegations concerning a network of child prostitution.....several minors had been made available to important citizens from the city of Omaha, as well as highly placed U.S. politicians. The scandal centered around people like Lawrence E. King (Larry King, former member of the board of directors of the bank Franklin Community Credit Union, located in Omaha) (Note 1 and 2). A legislative committee and the FBI investigated these allegations, without identifying its sources. Finally, King was arrested and charged with embezzlement, and served 10 of the 15 year prison term and subsequently, he was sentenced to pay a fine of $ 1 million for failing to appear in court to face charges of kidnapping and sexually abusing children. Meanwhile, the New York Times reported on December 18th 1988, that "the Omaha FBI office had acknowledged receiving independent reports of sexual abuse of children, and that this was an obvious connection with the criminal investigation on the Franklin bank" (Note 3).

Paul Bonacci
The Franklin Cover up by John W deCamp

The book by John W. DeCamp

Paul Bonacci speaking in front of the ranch where he was held captive

John DeCamp, who wrote the book on the Franklin case, went deeper into the subject with the investigative journalist Anton Chaitkin whom he quotes extensively in his own writings. Chaitkin, in an article published December 13th 1993 in The New Federalist, entitled the "Franklin Case Witnesses implicate FBI and U.S. Elites in Child-Torture and Murder", made the link between the Project MK Ultra/Monarch and the Franklin case through a victim, Paul Bonacci. In his book John DeCamp says: "The story told by the victims of Project Monarch - Paul Bonacci being one of them, was that they were tortured, the aim being to "deconstruct" and to create "multiple personalities" within them.  Anton Chaitkin relates, "Since very early childhood, Paul Bonacci has been subjected to these tortures. [...]  from the start of his sexual degradation right up until being forced to participate in ceremonies performed by Satanic cults", Bonacci was the victim of a "multiple personality disorder." Several studies show this to be the case and that thousands of American children suffer from multiple personality disorder due to sexual abuse, many of them in the context of Satanic rituals. Paul Bonacci's claims were taken seriously by psychiatric professionals who didn't hesitate to certify that his "different personalities" had an ultra-precise memory. Among other allegations, Paul Bonacci says he was "led by Larry King and others into a wooded area somewhere in the state of California, identified after the publication of the book as the Bohemian Grove. It was there that Paul and another boy were forced to perform sexual acts, and to consume pieces of a child they had watched being murdered by cult members."


On the trail of an Eastern sect


The above story, which is more than a little unsettling, is so repugnant that it seems simply inconceivable. However even if we discredit nine tenths of what was said by Paul Bonacci, we cannot help but be surprised in light of the strange ceremony that he describes. Does this ceremony, which involves consuming the flesh of a child, belong to a hypnosis session, is it actually real or is it just play-acting intended to frighten those concerned? We will probably never know. But we mustn’t overlook the similarity between this account of a ceremony, and the reports that came down from the East several centuries ago by the Byzantine administration about another older sect that we call Paulician or Bogomil... but we will return to them and discuss this a bit later on. Regarding Paul Bonacci, he maintains that his torturers told both himself and the other victims, that these rites were in connection with Project Monarch and MK Ultra.


A growing number of American psychiatrists now agree with the following reality: that the multitude of personality disorders among child victims of satanic sexual abuse that they were treating in their clinics, constantly brought to their minds thoughts of sects, mind control and sexual violence.


The Project MK Ultra scientists became uncontrollable


Could it be that the conceivers of the Project, or the psychiatrists and scientists recruited under the umbrella of the Project MK Ultra program, hadn't just pursued the militaries’ goal with their research, but that there was actually more going on? Allegations of satanic cult acts and ceremonies were often used in connection with techniques of increasingly sophisticated brainwashing. The whole problem lies in our ignorance vis-à-vis certain research protocols implemented in the framework of MK Ultra ....and in fact we know next to nothing about the true nature of several of the sub-projects which relate to the studies and experiments performed on children. The same applies to the criteria for selection of subjects according to the sexual violence they have suffered in their youth.

Senator Ted Kennedy himself admitted in 1977 that the CIA had acknowledged that it did not assign any "scientific value" to the experiments, and that "the agents who were monitoring were not actually qualified scientific observers ".

In any event, it is clear that the CIA itself did not have absolute control over project MK Ultra and some scientists remained unchecked and unattended or were supervised by incompetent people, giving free rein to their sadism and their wildest fantasies, and as we are now seeing, they conducted several experiments of a ritual, cultic and sexual nature. And all this, without any relation whatsoever to military objectives or national security.

Professor Massimo Introvigne, president of the 'Center for Studies on New Religions' said elsewhere, during an interview held on November 9th 2006 (note 4) that several patients from MK Ultra "had died" and that the "acts of the trial" gave part of the medical guidelines which were applied in the experiments. He added that these protocols, of which we know but a part, resulted in a "failure". He stressed that "the MK Ultra project was closed down, but closed not on moral grounds, but closed only because it didn't work." Apropos of this, Introvigne cites the then Director of the CIA, who stated in a congressional hearing: "All these psychiatrists were able to do, was to reduce a person to a vegetative state."


Secrets relating to the human spirit and to religion have been revealed


The "reprogramming" seemed to be a failure. But if that was the case, why was such an extremely expensive "unscientific" program maintained and funded between 1953 and 1974 and maybe even up to and as late as 1988 (a program that amounted to almost 6% of the total budget of the CIA intelligence agency), and whose inefficiency has been clearly identified for at least twenty years? What goals were being pursued and continued for thirty years, goals set by the "scientists" themselves?.... purposes filled with a certain sadism and backed by solid funding.

Could these “scientists” have been deceiving the CIA, and reserved for themselves some of these medical guidelines relating not only to the mental manipulation, but also to some secrets relating to the human spirit and religion? We can't help but think that the essential essence of most of the MK Ultra program has never been revealed, and that under the guise of brainwashing techniques, scientists have attempted to uncover the secrets of the human mind, and defined a protocol to "convert" patients to a type of sect and which remains still poorly identified at this stage of the investigation. Interestingly enough, the reprogramming was found to be ineffective on adult subjects.

However, it is probably on this point that the authors of MK Ultra test our credulity. The disappearance of sub-projects concerning children is surely not a coincidence and when one knows the true origins of the MK Ultra project also known as "Monarch", we can no longer doubt for a moment that the "conversion" or reprogramming was far from being a failure, but only when the protocol is applied to the subject from a very young age, using a procedure that has everything to do with (and includes) ritual practices, both pedophilic and incestuous.

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